Portfolio & Samples

Here are some of my latest work samples that I can present visually. These works include landing pages, content writing samples, CMS, graphics, visuals, and advertisement videos. Have a look 😎

Landing Pages

Landing pages are very useful to many businesses, whether it comes to covering business queries or presenting products and services, these lead capturing machines got your back. Here are some of the landing pages I have recently created for Devathon. I created these landing pages from scratch, written all the content based on the SEO perspective, and used my designing skills to create visuals and illustrations.

Content Writing

Content writing plays a very crucial part in digital marketing. It is better to have writing skills so that every time you don’t need to rush to the content writer, and in the absence of a writer, you need to take care of content writing. I learn new things and improve constantly every time I write content, which makes the content very polished and professional. Here are some writing samples that portray my writing style and quality.

Content Management System (CMS)

Currently, I’m managing two websites completely – SEO and publishing blogs and landing pages, managing plug-ins and CMS updates, constantly updating articles and landing pages according to SEO, and other tools and settings. I also help small businesses and start-ups to set up a website and blog.

Graphics & Visuals

Whenever there’s time or opportunity, I grab a pencil and paper and spend my time creating illustration and visual ideas and later I use graphic designing software to create digital designs for upcoming blogs or landing pages. This way I learn new techniques to create different types of graphics and also I’ll less dependent on a graphic designer.

Advertisement Videos

“Mandatory brag 😎 – I show a very keen interest in creating advertisements and customer engagement videos. They are very effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of the user and conveying our message clearly and creatively. With so much research, practice and effort, I created some of the brilliant ads as shown below, they were a big success and gained over half a million views on YouTube. I used a variety of 2D, 3D, and compositing software to create them, Thanks to the diploma in animations from Arena Animation.